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ISO 50001

Tome control de los costos de energía comercial
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Ya sea que se trate de un sistema de administración reconocido internacionalmente, tal como la norma ISO 50001 o de algún otro patrón, es difícil de sobrevalorar la importancia de tener un enfoque sistemático respecto a la administración de los costos de energía.

Metas y Objetivos

La fijación de objetivos y metas y la implementación de un régimen sistemático de monitoreo y generación de informes empodera a las empresas para medir de manera objetiva las mejoras en el desempeño energético.


Las nuevas tecnologías emocionantes, tales como la CHP (cogeneración de energía eléctrica y térmica), iluminación LED inteligente, almacenamiento térmico, fotovoltaica (PV) solar, medición inteligente, térmica solar, biomasa, accionadores inversores, almacenamiento de energía acuífera y otras, son herramientas importantes a explotar para poner a los costos energéticos bajo control.

Everyone is Involved

50001 Energy Management System requires all people in an organisation to be actively engaged. Only by getting everyone involved will enable a culture to develop that delivers continuous improvement in energy performance.

ISO 50001

La Norma Internacional para la Gestión de la Energía
Power-Up con Sistema de Gestión de Energía ISO 50001

La ISO 50001 es el estándar internacional para la gerencia de la energía. El sistema proporcionará un marco robusto para su organización para mejorar continuamente funcionamiento de la energía.

Cada organización es diferente, con sus propios procesos, planta, los sistemas, cultura y los recursos. Ofrecemos a anunciamos el servicio que se adapta al fósforo la habilidad de la gerencia de la energía de su organización y nivel actuales de la conformidad.

Nuestros profesionales de la energía llevan a cabo estado cargado y han adquirido una abundancia de la experiencia que trabaja en el ambiente construido sobre muchos años..

Nuestro equipo trabajará de cerca con su organización para determinar el nivel de la ayuda que usted le requiere y después que dirige con la puesta en práctica y el proceso de la certificación.


    éntrenos en contacto con si usted quisiera un sistema de gerencia integrado, abarcando de una combinación de los estándares de ISO.

  • ISO 14001

    Es un estándar internacional que establece cómo se puede ir sobre la puesta en marcha de un eficaz Sistema de Gestión Ambiental (EMS).

  • ISO 9001

    Es un estándar internacional de gestión de la calidad. Se aplica a los procesos que crean y controlan los productos y servicios que una organización proporciona.

  • ISO 27001

    Es la única norma internacional auditable que define los requisitos para un Sistema de Gestión de la Seguridad de la Información (SGSI).

											Intercontinental Exchange 
											Fragrance Oils (International) Limited 
											Air Charter Service 
											Alpine Electronics 
											Horwich Farrelly 
											The Warranty Group 
											EFG Private Bank 
											ION Trading 
											Evergreen Marine 
											Balfour Beatty 

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Energy Hound Service

Find Out How to Reduce The Price You Pay For Energy

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Who has to comply with ESOS?
Large organisations with more than 250 employees or a turnover in excess of €50M will be required to review total energy use from their buildings, transport and industrial processes.
Who benefits from ESOS?
It isn’t all bad news! The principal beneficiaries will be the organisations who embrace and implement the energy saving initiatives that are recommended in the audits. Reduced energy costs translate directly into increased profits.
What is an ESOS Assessment?
If your organisation falls under the scope of ESOS, you will need to engage with an accredited ESOS Lead Assessor. The Lead Assessor will audit your total energy consumption, identify cost-effective energy efficiency recommendations and then notify compliance to the Environment Agency.
Qualifying organisations will be required by law to notify compliance to the Environment Agency by no later than 5th December 2019, and then 4-yearly intervals from that point onwards. Embracing International Standards ISO 50001 is an internationally recognised standard for energy efficiency best practice and is an accepted route towards ESOS compliance. Epsilon are accredited to help organisations implement the 50001 standard and can ensure not just compliance with ESOS, but also recommend longer-term energy efficiency strategies designed to impact positively on your bottom line profitability.
Penalties for non-compliance?
The penalties for non-conforming range from fixed penalties of £5,000 up to £50,000, plus ongoing penalties for failure to resolve non-compliance.
Why are the penalties so severe?
The UK has legally binding emission reduction targets so need to ensure that major organisations introduce a program of regular energy audits to comply with Article 8 of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive.



The Audit Procedure

Our auditors are selected to meet the requirements of your particular sector. Your company’s activity, location of premises, size and complexity are all taken into account. On receipt of your application form, we will contact you to agree dates for the following:

A Document Review
The document review aims to establish that your quality documentation meets the requirements of the standard. We compile a detailed report and a planned audit schedule. These are discussed with you and provided for your information if deemed necessary by us or requested by the company, this can take place at your premises. This enables you to establish a rapport with your auditor and may help the incidence of non-conformances at the next stage.

The Audit

A detailed, on-site audit of your company’s documented system against the company’s working practices and the ISO standard. Findings of the audit are documented. If there are any areas of concern to the auditors, the following may be raised:

  • Major non-conformance – which must be rectified before certification can be recommended by the lead auditor.
  • Minor non-conformances – which do not affect the recommendation for approval but must be addressed prior to the issue of your certificate.
At the close of the audit, the Lead Auditor will leave his or her recommendation with you.


    Certification is valid for a three-year period and monitored by a registered auditor at regular intervals. All visits to your company are by appointment, thereby ensuring availability of relevant personnel. At the end of three years your organisation will need to be re-assessed. Fees for this will be kept to a minimum and discussed with you in advance.

    Please note: All audits are performed on the basis of sampling. If discrepancies are not discovered, there is no guarantee that they do not exist.

    Extension to Scope of Certificate

    Amendments or extensions to the initial certified scope are possible, for example, to include additional offices or new areas of business. Audits for this ‘extension’ can be carried out with minimum disruption to your organisation, often by allocating extra time around the time of a routine surveillance visit. Please let us know about any changes by contacting us by telephone, email or a letter.

    Rules For Appeal

    In the event of an audit which results in a recommendation to defer registration to the relevant standard (or at a later stage if notified that a certificate is to be withdrawn), a written appeal may be sent to Epsilon Consultants (IOM) Limited.

    All appeals will be heard by an Appeals Panel selected from the Governing Board. Your company has a right to object to any member forming part of the chosen panel. The Governing Board will then select a different panel. If the appeal is upheld, the findings of the auditor will be overruled. If the auditor is found to be correct, your company will be required to pay for a partial or full re-audit and the cost of the appeal. Such appeals are exceptionally rare.


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